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Brand Research

Ò»¡¢ Definition
Brand research and analysis of means the market research firm and professional research institutions, in order to get the brand health status and the customer¡¯s attitudes, market trends, help enterprises making scientific decision to in the marketing management, insight into consumers' overall brand experience, feeling and evaluation, with scientific value indicators.
¶þ¡¢ Content
Its purpose is to help customers to understand their own brand diagnosis, brand image, competitors brand positioning, consumer and corporate users brand benefit, so as to determine the brand image and value, to provide sustained development for a product or service.
Brand research scope, mainly includes four aspects : corporate image and reputation, brand awareness and image, brand positioning and brand value
Èý¡¢ Method
1, Brand tracking: tracking survey certain brand image, brand positioning and brand asset, compare with competitors, explore consumer brand loyalty trends, establish the relationship between the brand orientation and consumer attributes, and give suggestions for the marketing strategy and brand maintenance accordingly.
2, Brand detection research: carries on the brand image design with qualitative research and quantitative research method. Consumer attitudes are different, have different opinions on the product or service, and have different effects on product or service.
3, using the evaluation scale technology and fuzzy evaluation technique for testing the target consumers on brand image. The use of discriminate analysis attribute evaluation of target brand and its main rival brand value is analyzed, the formation of brand positioning map.
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