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Product Positioning

Product Positioning, after market positioning in theory, is to answer a question that which kind of product can be used by enterprise to meet target consumers and market need.
屈、 Content
Following content:
1、 Products Function: To solve these questions: which kind of products function is consumers¨ main demand;
2、 Product line: To learn the width and depth of product line;
3、 Appearance and package: Design style and specifications of product appearance and package
4、 Selling Point: Refine product USP( Unique selling proposal)
5、 Basic marketing strategy: Define the basic strategy!ensure who you want to be : Leader, Challenger, Follower or stopgap? You can ensure product pricing strategy, communication and channel strategy.
6、 Brand Positioning:
眉、 Study Model
1、Target market positioning
Including following content
(1) Target consumers attribute: Refers to the target customers define standards, as well as the typical target consumption group characteristics description
(2) Consumer behavior characteristics: 1、consumer purchase behavior 2、prime factors that affect consumer purchase behavior
(3) Competition in target market: competitors? Selling point and positioning? Market positioning? And strategy?
2、Inner analysis
(1)Function: What is the product feature? Product quality? Advantage and disadvantage compared with competitors?
(2) Package and appearance: What are the design of product package and appearance? Whether accord with the aesthetic orientation of the target consumption group and target consumer status? If not, how to improve?
(3) Product position in product line.
(4) Distribution and promotion ability: According to the analysis, we willw which ability of distribution and promotion
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