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Business Circle Study

1¡¢Summarize of trade area study
Trade area is an concept of geography. From the view point of industry, People who work in different industries act in a relatively concentrated area, which area can be named as trade area. From the view of retailers, trade area is a geography area whose shop can attract customer effectively. Many feasibility studies about large projects show us that, especially projects about real estate, trade area study is the necessary part of the total progress. With a understanding of the competition status, type of industries, consumer characteristics and economic geography condition is the important basis for setting up a project and make business strategy
2¡¢Division of trade area
Three main levels£ºcore trade area¡¢secondary trade area¡¢fringe trade area£¨show as graph£©
Core trade area£ºCustomers in this trade area are the greatest part of all and every one of them consumes more.
Secondary trade area£ºCustomers in the area is the less part, and they are not so concentrate
Fringe trade area£ºCustomers in this area is the least part of all , and they will distribute in larger area.
3¡¢ Content of trade are study; four aspects£ºRing scope, business investigation, data analysis and business circle conclusion
Project study including£º
¡ª Determine the project location and scope of business, circle pattern;
¡ª Business situation, environmental advantages and disadvantages, road traffic conditions on trade area
¡ª Industry survey, property management, business model£»
¡ª Population quantity, population structure and permanent/foreign population, consumption characteristics, purchasing power and cultural characteristics
¡ª Lock competitors, understand competitors of the business operation and management strategy;
¡ª Influence of other business market factors, policies, laws and regulations, city planning, etc
¡ª Evaluation of the commercial market opportunities and potential
¡ª Determine the business project strategy and business direction
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