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Mystery Customer

I. Definition
Mystery customer is a way of commercial research that during a given time researchers strictly trained pretend to be customers and estimate a series of questions designed beforehand.
II signification of mystery customer
1. Researchers make inquiry as ¡°customers¡±. Every seller should answer completely all the customers¡¯ questions.
2. Mystery customers, the researchers themselves, are customers or potential customers of enterprise; they estimate the service experience with a more professional view.
3. the final result of mystery customers¡¯ research has some effects on knowing great competitors¡¯ investing in the domain of retail and on giving the base on which the enterprise distributes market resources appropriately.
III process of the mystery customers¡¯ secret visit

IV makes sure of the quality of secret visit
standard of mystery customers : (1) good ability of observation and good memory; (2) to know something of clients¡¯ operation; (3) clear mind and good performing ability. To follow strictly the rules of MSPA mystery customers and to employ qualified mystery customers to resolve the problems found during secret visit.
Training of mystery customers : (1) training of basal skill (observing skill, enquiry skill, reacting skill, ); (2) questionnaire skill; (3) basic operation skill
MEGI take into effect the technology of mystery customers under the system of quality ensuring composed of ¡°bi-inspection, tri-check, synchrony-supervise¡±, with taking measures to, to the most extent, eliminate or reduce errors caused by different mystery customers.
The system of quality ensuring composed of ¡°bi-inspection, tri-check, synchrony-supervise¡±-----¡°bi-inspection¡± is composed of arterial inspector and secondary executing inspector; ¡°tri-check¡± means that producing inspector, executing inspector and customer inspector take part in the check altogether.

¡°Synchrony-supervise¡± means that employ mystery customers to monitor mystery customers and examine stochastically their working process in order to make sure if mystery customers have worked truly and canonically.

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