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Market Demands Research

I. Definition
Market demands research means to study, understand, analyze and reason the market demands in order to make correctly sale strategy.
Market demands means buyers¡¯ demands to products which contain product styles, quality, standards types, quantity, prices, offering time and service after sales and so on. Market demands reflect consumers¡¯ expects when buying something at a certain time and in a certain place. The products, if can be adapted to the demands, will be salable; if not, sales will de fatigued and weak. So, only a deep and close market research can help the enterprise to sell its products well.
II. Contents of market demands research
Market demands research involves the following points:
1.Market capacity. It means the maximal capacity of the market to a certain product or the largest possible sale of a product in a certain period.
2.Market potentiality. It means the part unsatisfied in the market or the potential demands of the market.
3.Market share. It means the proportion of the total sales that the product holds relative to the products of the same type, if the rate of the market possess can be increased by making some efforts and how much.
4.Competition situation. It means the quantity of competitors, the competition conditions, the sale challenge brought by the market competition and the policy to get success.
5.Market trends. It means the market changes and effects caused by the develop trends and what measures the enterprise should take to adapt itself to the demands of market development.
6.Sales strategy. It means if the strategy used is fit for the demands of enlargement the sale dimensions.
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